Resurrection; bringing the dead back to life

Well folks as you can see I haven’t been too active here for a long time. I’m hoping to change all that now. At the moment the garden is quite dead but I am working on bringing it back to life. Just got side tracked down a byway on life’s hiway. 😉

So here is what a section of the back yard looked like before:


And then after I did 15 minutes of work. Yes in just 15 minutes I picked up a bag of trash and pulled quite a big pile of weeds.


I’m going to try and work at least 15 minutes in the garden every day. I’m missing having my hands in the dirt.


What’s New

Well I haven’t been in here in awhile, lots of life happening around here. In the garden I have put in a small patch of lettuce mix which is almost ready to start eating and last week planted some carrot seeds. But I’ve been spending most of my time at my regular job, painting and working on a new project. That project is a store over at

Zazzle is a print on demand company where I can upload photographs of my art and they are printed on shirts, mugs, key chains, bags, literally thousands of products are available. Of course not everything looks good on every product, sometimes the shape of the art or photo doesn’t fit well on the printable area of the product. I’m still learning my way around over there but now have quite a few things up for you to look at, with more coming. So check it out, my zazzle.

And don’t forget, you can see my original artwork on my website, hysongdesigns. While you are there, be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

New Paintings

I haven’t been doing any gardening, other than keeping alive what is there. I have been doing a lot of painting and these are my two newest ones.

Rose Creek I, 14 x11 inches, oval, acrylic on canvas. An impressionistic landscape with wild roses framing the bottom.

Rose Creek II 11 x 14 inches, acrylic on canvas. This one has an oval design on a rectangular canvas. Again, an impressionistic landscape framed by wild roses.

Both of these works and many other original artworks are for sale. You may see them at:

“Datura Dreams”

Yeah, I know I promised pictures of the yard but, well, I took them, just haven’t  got around to posting them. The yard is pretty shabby looking right now anyway. In the meantime have had my butt plastered to the chair in front of my easel, working on the painting. These datura flowers bloom in the heat of the summer and are really pretty, they are huge. It’s not quite finished yet, but I’m at the point of needing to take a break from it, then I’ll come back to it and finish it up.

“Datura Dreams” 18×24 acrylic on linen, work in progress.

The Old Pump

Just a quick note, and a pic this morning of The Old Pump, work in progress, 18×24 acrylic on linen

I got up at 6 intending to put a few more rabbits in the freezer, but the yellowjackets were already flying, so will have to get up even earlier and do that tomorrow. In the meantime I’m going to paint!

Arizona Sunset

OK, sat in front of my easel too long today to get out and get good picks of the fruit trees, but I did take some good ones of the sunset a couple of nights ago. So here you go.

More of The Old Pump

Well this painting is coming right along, in between working and trying to muck out my studio room!

And here is  a close up for you

I’ll have to get out and take some pics in my yard later today. The plum tree is loaded and the apple tree has set fruit so thick I’m having to thin them out for the first time ever!

The Old Pump

This old well pump is actually in my mom’s front yard, all over grown at the moment with flowering spearmint, parsley and hollyhocks. Here’s the real pic..

And here is the painting I am doing from it:

As you can see I took a lot of artistic license! This one is 18×24 inches, acrylic on linen

I’m going to be adding in some hollyhocks up close around the pump, but I’m also thinking of adding a bird sitting on the faucet part….maybe a cardinal or maybe a chicken!


Well here is “Yellow Iris”, all finished.

“Yellow Iris” is available. You can see more details at my new fine art website:

More Art

Here is another painting I have been working on this week. This is 8.5×9.5 inch masonite panel. I am using Chroma’s Interactive acrylics. This is an acrylic paint that while it dries as fast as normal acrylics, I can rewet it and blend it even after it is touch dry. This means I can do some things similar to an oil painter. From a yellow Iris that grows in my garden.

The reference photo; my granny grew these iris at her house on Gorden street and I brought some of them here.

Here is the ink drawing

Then I toned the board with raw sienna and painted in the darks with burnt umber

then I begin the grey layers. The grey layers help me get the colors right later.

Here the grey layers are complete. You can still see a little of the raw sienna and even the ink drawing peeping through here.  This is called the Flemish method, developed by the great master painters of the Renaissance.  You can learn more about this method and see it done in oil by Delmus Phelps at:

Here I have just gone over the shadows with yellow ochre, see how the underpainting changes the colors of the layer on top giving a range of shades darker and lighter. This is not a physical mixing. Since this is an acrylic that can be rewet and worked longer I seal the under painting with a clear coat so there is no physical mixing with the color layers; just optical mixing.

Now I have added Naple’s Yellow to most of the lighter areas.

I have now done several more color layers, working back and forth with yellow ochre, Naple’s yellow, and Indian yellow, glazing each one in thin layers. Note how much the underpainting still affects the color layers.

more color layers, still working back and forth between the three yellows

Now, nearly finished, I’ve made some minor adjustments, like the beard on the center petal throws a cast shadow, which I’ve darkened a little to help the beard stand out more. (the beard is the fuzzy part on the petal, it’s actually the stamens, full of pollen)

I’ll be working on this a bit more today, adding some small highlights and such, but it’s about done.

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