What’s New

Well I haven’t been in here in awhile, lots of life happening around here. In the garden I have put in a small patch of lettuce mix which is almost ready to start eating and last week planted some carrot seeds. But I’ve been spending most of my time at my regular job, painting and working on a new project. That project is a store over at Zazzle.com.

Zazzle is a print on demand company where I can upload photographs of my art and they are printed on shirts, mugs, key chains, bags, literally thousands of products are available. Of course not everything looks good on every product, sometimes the shape of the art or photo doesn’t fit well on the printable area of the product. I’m still learning my way around over there but now have quite a few things up for you to look at, with more coming. So check it out, my zazzle.

And don’t forget, you can see my original artwork on my website, hysongdesigns. While you are there, be sure to sign up for my newsletter!